Week 1: Getting back some consistency!


Each week I am going to post a short recap of my training as I work towards my goal of PR-ing my marathon time at Colfax in May. In total, we are about 19 weeks out from the big day, and although things are still up in the air, I am assuming that I’ll be toeing that line on May 21.

I began my training last week and kept it light. This was really my first introduction back to real running and I didn’t want to push it and risk injury. I had two key workouts and three easy runs, plus I did a lot of yoga. Lately, my yoga practice has been a lot more about focusing on my meditation than it has been in the past. I’ve always tried to cultivate a strong asana (or postures) practice, but lately, I need yoga as a way to clear my headspace. Yin yoga has been a real refuge as the world around me becomes a bit unstable.

Key Workouts: Tempo Run & 8-mile Long Run

 Monday: Rest – was heading home from my trip

Tuesday: 4 miles easy pace (9:28/mi) + Yin Yoga – I was honestly worried that I didn’t even know how to do this anymore. I had taken a full three weeks completely off running and had been rather inconsistent before that. But I still knew how to run, and it felt good.

Wednesday: 5 miles with 3 miles at tempo (8:42/mi) + Hatha Yoga – I wanted to see if I still had my speed. Well, three miles isn’t much, but it definitely let me see how things were going. I didn’t lose as much fitness as I thought I had. The run felt great.

Thursday: Yin Yoga + Rest

Friday: 8 miles LSD (9:22/mi) + Yin Yoga – I dreaded the long run all week, and was surprised to find that it was actually pretty okay. I’m certainly glad I didn’t go any further, but the 8 miles felt just find.

Saturday: 5 miles easy (9:11/mi) – I kept most of this run pretty chill and then accidentally busted out a mile at 8:30. Oops. Guess I was feeling pretty good!

Sunday: 3 miles easy (9:49/mi) – I ran with Frank and he is a bit slower than me, so we kept it chill. I always like running with him because he forces me to keep a much easier pace.

Total: 25 Miles

Next week I am bumping it up a little with a total of 30 miles and another key tempo workout and 10-mile long run. My goal next week is to really focus on some strength training. Since I herniated a disc in my back, I need to be more diligent about abdominal and lower back strength work. Next week, I’ll be getting to a bit of that along with some stairs.

How were your workouts last week? What is your favorite kind of workouts (I love speed work


13 thoughts on “Week 1: Getting back some consistency!

  1. Great first week! I love that you’re using your yoga as meditation. I think that will be really necessary and helpful in our current, ahem, political climate/nightmare. Managing the stress of everything that’s going on has proved tricky for me. I want to be involved but I also have found I occasionally need a time-out so I don’t pull my hair out. You might be meditating for a different reason but either way, I’m sure it will help you keep political stress from impacting your training.

    Three weeks off really isn’t that much, I doubt you’ve lost fitness as much as just being a little rusty. You’ll be back in form before ya know it!


    • Oh… politics definitely has me stressed out and taking some time out of my day to just chill is the only way I’m going to get through these next 4 years without a major anxiety disorder. The stress of figuring out if/when/where we are moving is adding to all of this. It’s just a stressful time, but I’ll get through it.


    • I felt like I might forget how to run or that I’d be so winded that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I don’t know. I think I might be a little crazy. I knew that I had to do a tempo run since speed work is always my favorite kind of running. Haha! I also wanted to make sure that I could still go fast.


  2. Darlene says the same thing about running with me — that she feels like she could run forever. Of course, I’m dying! Not really, but it does push me & it’s easy for her.

    Sounds like you eased back in quite well. I’m really impressed by an 8 mile LSD after weeks of no running! Not sure I could do that.


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